Stockist Spotlight | Rothman & Co Fine Linens

We love building relationships with our stockists, and are thrilled to be included in the finest of linens over at Rothman & Co, here in Vancouver.

First hitting the Vancouver linens retail scene in 1982, Rothman & Co is focused on Canadian-made products, using quality fabrics and manufacturing. Located in Vancouver’s high end West-Side, their clientele is keen on quality as much as supporting locally run shops with locally made product.


Fresh, new linens are always an incredible pleasure! Don’t forget to accent yours with a gorgeous, colorful JOUE Design pillow to brighten up your spaces.


Our love for linens is well-matched with Rothman & Co! Follow them on Instagram at @rothmanandco.
Head into their shop at 3301 West Broadway, Vancouver next – and every – time you’re looking for quality, Canadian-made, linen products.

The Joue Girls

[Photography by Rothman & Co]


#JOUExTWG Collab!

We’ve been so excited about this collaboration for some time now – it’s truly been a labor of love! For the past several months, we’ve been working on a top secret project with Sydney Socias – a Vancouver influencer who owns the blog, The Working Girl. This project is a capsule collection of throw pillows that speak to Sydney’s beautiful yet subtle aesthetic and love of accessorizing. This special collection is now available to order online in our shop. Available in limited quantities, you’ll want to get your hands on a few of them before they sell out!


[Photography by Tracey Ayton]

The Palmera, our softened palm print accented by these GORGEOUS green tassels, and the Lola rose print with adorable pompom trim, are available online and will be made in limited quantities only.

The Joue Girls

Joue Global : YVR heads to YYZ

Joue Design launched THREE brand new designs this past weekend in Toronto!! We were so happy to save this latest Collection for our first venture over to the East Coast.

The people were amazing – Toronto is so FRIENDLY! We made new friends, created some new Retailer relationships, ate some fantastic food, and generally had ourselves a good time.

Many thanks to Akasha Art Projects for letting us crash in their space, to Oscar Halder for great photography, and to Mi Casa Furniture for being our first local Retailer!

Can’t wait to return, Toronto! 😘


the Joue Girls

Artist Collab : Dana Mooney

COLLAB is the word of the day, the vibe du jour. Many companies, designers and bloggers are actively “hooking up” with each other to prove the mantra “TWO heads are better than one!”.

We’ve been absolutely thrilled with our own very first collaboration with Vancouver artist, Dana Mooney. After many years in the design industry, she branched out to dedicate herself to painting full time, and the world is the better for it. Her works are often featured in local decor shops, at shows and in MANY an Interior Designer’s project.

Her bright and cheerful aesthetic and distinct brush strokes resound with the public en mass and we were thrilled to work with her.

After many meetings on colors, styles, trims, fabrics, etc, the Smokeshow and Luminance were born. We’ve been so proud to see this capsule collection featured in shops, magazines, shows and social media influencer accounts!

Thank you to all our faithful followers for loving Dana just as much as we do!

Joue Girls

Floral Inspirations

We CLEARLY have the *floral bug* this Spring! We’ve been so inspired by the colors, design and textures of a wide variety of flowers over the past year! Whether experiencing them in our travels to Greece, Paris, Holland, London, and California to name a few, or right here in Vancouver, we love seeing the world full of florals.

Some of our favorite inspirations made it into this seasons artwork and textiles for the Georgina + Gemma set, as well as a few of our — wait for it — upcoming capsule collections (shhhhh!).  If social media is any kind of indication, you all love our flowery friends as much as we do 🙂

We’ve snapped up inspirational photos as we wander about – hope they inspire you, too!



The JOUE Girls

On the Road Again: Portland Design Week


Yes, we’re on the road again.

If it were up to Alison, we’d be on the road every other week. When we say ‘road’ it’s actually a road trip. Not just a short 20-minute drive to a local retailer to deliver new stock. It’s six to ten hours of (what Cindy would consider) grueling hours behind the steering wheel. Ugh.

Luckily, this upcoming road trip that we’re embarking on Friday is to Portland – which is ONLY a six-hour (non-stop mind you) drive from Vancouver. That’s not even including the two hours we’ve set aside to potentially deal with the US border customs in case they give us a hard time. You see, crossing the border for business is definitely different than heading down as an individual. Anyways, c’est la vie.

We’re very excited, however, to take part in Portland Design Week as part of the IDS West contingent representing Vancouver designers. Portland has always been a fantastic destination for food and bevvies (whether your poison is wine or craft beers or cocktails). The city prides itself on being weird – which we absolutely LOVE – and so it’s no wonder that there’s a week of events dedicated to the world of design.


Joue will have a vignette at the IDSWest Offsite this coming Saturday at Rejuvenation, 1100 Southeast Grand Avenue in Portland from noon until 7:30 pm. Please come visit us if you’re in the area as we’ll be showcasing our latest spring collection – the Gemma and Georgina throw pillows based on our original watercolor artwork!

See you there!!


Joue Girls

Budgets on a Sunday?!?

Owning your own business (while still holding down the fort with a regular job) means that you work during the weekends – even if it means doing ugly tasks like 2016 budget planning. That’s what we’re doing today, on a Sunday. Yay. Oh joy.

Luckily, we like conducting such meetings outside the office at our favourite establishment, the Fairmont Pacific Rim Lobby Lounge – which has turned into our defacto 2nd “office.”

There’s nothing that a cocktail (or two) can’t fix when crunching numbers!

Joue Girls

JOUE Design – Behind the Scenes

We’re getting SO excited for the new Collections just released for Spring/Summer 2016!! How excited, you ask? MONTHS in the making excited.

Similar to Fashion, we start a Collection between 6-9 months in advance of it’s official Launch. Being focused as an online shop, we really can launch something whenever it tickles us, but buyers like their “spring clean” and “fall nesting” switch-overs, so we try to go with the flow for our main Collections.

Time is spent watching trends, following media and trying to get our pulse on what’s happening – not so much to be on trend but to imagine what could come next. Our annual trips to Paris in the Spring to be inspired by the Fall/Winter fashion shows helps us get a feel for what’s happening across the seasons in fabrics/textiles, design and techniques. It also gives us time to sketch and source – and drink copious amounts of wine… (shhh – don’t tell our men!!). Trade shows in Vancouver and the West Coast occur all year long and keep us up to date locally, while we try to follow up with other decor-related shows such as Maison et Object Paris, High Point Market and NYNOW online as much as possible.

insta 06

Designs typically start with conversations, inspiration images and loose sketches. Also being artists, watercolors, sketches or acrylics typically soon follow, according to the seasons color research and off-shoots. THAT’s the fun part 🙂

insta 01 insta 02

Soon it’s time to source fabrics, trims, zippers and any other accessories that are planned with our newest designs! It can be impossible to find *that perfect* trim, so we’ve embraced having our own custom trims made from scratch to most seamlessly go with our design intent. Nothing but the best will do! And that also means fixing anything and everything that doesn’t quite work out. R+D is a big part of creating something new every time.

Then comes “the big sew”. Samples need to be made in order to test the design, the trims, cleaning and the coherance of the Collection. This also may come with copious amounts of wine, as all samples are sewn in house so that we always know exactly how a new zipper or pattern or trim is going to work out and these nights can get laaaaaate in the Studio!

insta 03

BUT it all pays off when we get to photograph a new set of lovelies! Product shots are needed for press releases, website, social media, etc. and we take care to make certain these photographs are crisp, clear and well-edited. The fun part comes with Editorial shoots where we can pull out the models, props, locations – whatever we want to see with that Collection!

insta 08

Once the product shots are sent to the Press, the website has been updated, our samples are ready to be shown, and the rest of our line is in manufacturing, it’s time to hit “SEND” and show the world what we’ve been working on – and what’s been delivered to your local stores – from behind the scenes!!

insta 04

We love being the type of boutique design house that can put this kind of care and attention into each piece we show. And nothing warms our hearts more than all your love and support! So thank you to all you beautiful people and — stay tuned! We’ll have a few launches for you all this Spring/Summer – be sure to sign up for early / VIP access to new product and launches on our website at!!

insta 05 insta 07

Joue Girls


Inspiration : LONDON

We travel, in large part, to be inspired. Every country we touch leaves a personal hold on us, and we love it. Recently we’ve been to Paris, London and Palm Springs and every city has left it’s impression.


London has vibrant sparks everywhere you look, with history, with one of the few surviving monarchies, with trying to keep warm in such a climate, with combating grey upon grey upon grey, with their penchant for tea time…

The buildings, antique shops, boutiques, streets… 



Clearly these particular countries took hold of us this season, and we couldn’t be happier to share our inspirations – pastels, roses, and antiqued accents – with you all.

We’ve been told our new Collection is “very British / French” in style + color – what do you think?


the JOUE Girls

In Media : Top Textile Trends 2016

We’re honored to be included in an article this week on Top Textile Trends, written by Stephanie Symns of Antipod Workshop via Meredith Nicole!!

Speaking about “buying less” by “buying better”, Stephanie talks about the current trends through the lens of choosing only the trends that will stand the test of time.

And we agree – our Black and Gold Embroidered Fleur does just that! Our very first design, this pillow features our own artistic take on an iconic symbol. The neutral embroidery and thick cotton duck has the stuff to last.

An excerpt from the article is below; click to see the full article in The Province Blog.


We’re seeing a lot more crossover these days between fashion and home décor, and the trend for monochrome is a good example with Valentino, Saint Laurent, Dior and Victoria Beckham featuring strong black and white designs in their 2016 fashion collections. And as much as this could be considered a trend in the current season, the fact is that black and white is really a timeless combination either on its own or paired with colors from pastels to brights for a completely different take. I’m quite partial to the monochrome palette myself.

Pillows are my thing and some other local designers to check out include Clothlab by Diane Thompson (also at Oden Gallery) and Joue Design. The Franz Mayer pillow by Clothlab is named for the museum in Mexico City where artist Diane travelled last year, and is a perfect fit in a monochrome interior. I also like the The Fleur by Joue, it’s a modern take on the Fleur de Lis with the added bonus of a touch of gold embroidery.

Check out our fabulous peeps on social media and our online shop at Joue Design !


The Joue Girls